Nature embraces you just when you're feeling lost.



Despite growing up behind the so called iron curtain, in East Germany my family gave me a perfect childhood. They led me dream - dream of becoming a marine biologist who dives into the world's sectret abysses  - together with Jaques-Yves Cousteau and Albert Falco in the "Denise" submarine. 

The henchmen of the GDR secret service saw in my dreams a threat to world peace. I was forced into re-education and so I became a locksmith, a welder, a craftsman - instead of a scientist. 

I stood up, risked my life, and went out into the street fighting for freedom. Together with a growing mass of people we disposed of the German wall and the injustice regime. 

I picked up my dreams again, did my A-levels at night school and start studying. 

My art can be understood as an exploration of assembly and reassemby, construction and deconstruction, creation and degration. I use classical techniques as well as methods from a wide variety of artistic and non-artistic topics to explore and to express the occuring fields of tension in-between the established subjects. I am interested in the interplay of characters, their flavors, there expressions, the arising new spaces still to be traversed. I get inspired by nature as well as by culture.

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